It’s been a busy few days

With comedy bookings it seems it’s either a feast or a famine. After a bit of a lean patch I’ve been gigging regularly for the last few weeks and have two more gigs coming up this week.

Sunday just been was also the final date for doing “Early bird” registrations for the upcoming Auckland Fringe. My show will be a funny but non-comedy show about the 53 years before I began my transition & publicly appeared as Julia.  I spent hours selecting photos from the last 20 years to make a collage for my publicity image & had my application ready to submit less than an hour before I was due on stage at George. Then I had to had to rush home after the show to email an embarrassing apology for getting the show’s run dates wrong.

I also had a mistake on one version of the show’s publicity image they asked me to fix. As it was a collage image, it was easier to recreate it than fix it.