10 Years a Comedian, 3 in a Skirt

It’s official. Tessa & I, with a mystery guest, are doing a show in the 2019 Auckland Fringe festival. We are going to to an open-mic where Tessa is the MC & I am all but one of the acts.

We’ve renamed the show, previously Stand-up in a Skirt, to 10 Years a Comedian, 3 in a Skirt.

Each act will be a short performance from my past that is significant in my development as a comedian. The video of the original performance will play silently while I perform to the original script. This gives the authenticity of the historical performance coupled with my vastly improved performance skills.

We’ll be performing it 20th to 23rd of February. The first two days at the Pump House in Takapuna and the last two at TST Studio in Eden Terrace.

Following our joint show, Tessa will be doing her solo show. Same nights, same venue. We’re looking at some way of doing joint ticketing for loyal fans.

Watch this space or my comedy page on Facebook for more details.

Stand-up in a skirt early planning

I’ve started creating my next solo show which will be a return, both literally and thematically, to my comedy roots. My working title for the show is Stand-up in a skirt (SUIS), although that may well change before I actually perform the show.

SUIS is the story of the development of my comedy before and since my realization I needed to transition. Continue reading “Stand-up in a skirt early planning”

Regular Comedy Gigs List

This is a listing of  regular comedy gigs in Aotearoa (New Zealand) I’ve been building for a while. The data is live-updated but cached for up to 10 minutes.


Data (Tabular)

I’m sorry that this table is really ugly.

Regular Gigs
Gig Name
Contact Person or URL
Day of Week
Big Wednesdayhttp://www.comedy.co.nz/comedy-guide/shows/big-wednesday/Scott BlanksPro with open spotsAucklandWednesdayWeeklyClassic, Queen StreetMore advanced amateurs doing their best material and pro performers doing new material.
Breaking Boundaries Queer Open Michttps://www.facebook.com/brkbnd/Message the pageOpen with non-comedy actsAucklandFridayMonthlyGrid Akl, Pakenham St WestAll performers are expected to be somewhere in the LGBTIQaAaP+. Unsure as to event frequency.
Comedy on K-Roadhttps://www.facebook.com/comedykroad/Mike Kevan, Roland Mirabueno and Steven LyonsOpen MicAucklandThursdayTwice Monthly, Second, FourthRevel Cafe, Karangahape Road
Down To Clownhttps://m.facebook.com/DownToClownComedy/#!/DownToClownComedy/The DTC MassiveProAucklandFridayWeeklyBasement Theatre
Fresh Comedy at Revelryhttps://www.facebook.com/RevelryComedy/https://www.facebook.com/groups/126473598035311/Open MicAucklandWednesdayWeeklyRevelry Bar, Ponsonby Road
Gonghttps://www.facebook.com/brainsexunlimited/Peter LarsenOpen with non-comedy actsAucklandThursdayTwice Monthly, First, ThirdThirsty Dog, Karangahape Road
Pop Up Comedyhttps://www.facebook.com/PopUpComedyNZ/https://www.facebook.com/groups/126473598035311/Pro with open spotsAucklandSundayWeeklyGeorge Bar, Ponsonby Road
Pro Night: Premium Comedyhttp://www.comedy.co.nz/comedy-guide/shows/big-wednesday/Scott BlanksProAucklandThursdayWeeklyClassic, Queen Street
Pro Night: Premium Comedyhttp://www.comedy.co.nz/comedy-guide/shows/big-wednesday/Scott BlanksProAucklandFridayWeeklyClassic, Queen StreetReplaced by Late and Live in December
Pro Night: Premium Comedyhttp://www.comedy.co.nz/comedy-guide/shows/big-wednesday/Scott BlanksProAucklandSaturdayWeeklyClassic, Queen StreetReplaced by Late and Live in December
Rawhttp://www.comedy.co.nz/comedy-guide/shows/raw/Scott BlanksOpen MicAucklandMondayWeeklyClassic, Queen StreetMoves to Saturday Night 10 PM during January and Early February
Shore Funnyhttps://www.facebook.com/ShoreFunny/Steve LyonsOpen MicAucklandMondayLast of monthThe Vic, Devonport
Snorthttps://facebook.com/Snortimprov/Message the pageProAucklandFridayWeeklyBasement TheatreImprov
Talk Show And Tellhttps://facebook.com/TalkShowAndTell/#!/TalkShowAndTell/Paul AmosProAucklandWednesdayMonthly, FirstGolden Dawn, PonsonbyComedy line up show with late night talk show bits inbetween acts.
UoA Comedyhttps://www.facebook.com/uoacomedy/Max TexorOpen MicAucklandTuesdayFortnightlyBrew on Quay, CBD
Alvarados Comedy Open Michttps://www.facebook.com/chchcomedyrebuild/ShenMansell@gmail.comOpen MicChristchurchTuesdayFortnightlyAlvarados Mexica Cantina6 minute spots
Skitchhttps://www.facebook.com/skitch.nz/now@reubentodd.comOther, please describe in notesChristchurchSundayMonthlyTwo ProductionsWriter/performer development series.
Strange’s Comedyhttps://www.facebook.com/GrandpaFigs/Hannah MckenzieOpen MicChristchurchWednesdayweeklyStrange & Co
Firing Lineshttps://www.facebook.com/dunedinopenmiccomedy/https://www.facebook.com/simon.kingsleyholmesOpen MicDunedinWednesdayLast Wed of the monthZanzibar, DunedinSign ups on the night possible
Open Mic Nighthttps://www.facebook.com/aaron.davies.503Aaron HarlechOpen MicDunedinFridayThird Wed of the monthCraftbar, Dunedin
The Anglehttps://www.facebook.com/dunedinopenmiccomedy/https://www.facebook.com/simon.kingsleyholmesProDunedinWednesdayFirst Fri of the momthInchbar, Dunedinpaid show
Nivara Lounge Comedy Workshophttps://www.facebook.com/The-Nivara-Lounge-Comedy-Workshop-151889778687884/Ayman KystenOpen MicHamiltonWednesdayThirdNivara Lounge, Victoria StreetBar is in basement, nicely set up area for performing.
Open Mic Comedy at Lucky Finnshttps://www.facebook.com/Luckyfinnscomedy/Daniel RolingOpen MicHamiltonWednesdayFirstLucky Finns, Hood Street
Comedy Conceptshttps://www.comedyhubpalmy.com/comedy-conceptsBen Caldwell (Tito)Open MicPalmerston North/ ManawatuFridayQuarterlyThe Dark Room, Palmerston NorthPaid MC position.
Funnies for Fundraisinghttps://www.comedyhubpalmy.com/funnies-for-fundraisingBen Caldwell (Tito)ProPalmerston North/ ManawatuNo set venueFundraising gig for local community groups, sports clubs, schools etc.
Parbaked LOL'shttps://www.comedyhubpalmy.com/parbaked-lol-sBen Caldwell (Tito)Open MicPalmerston North/ ManawatuFridayQuarterlyThe Dark Room, Palmerston NorthPaid MC position.
The Comedy Hub: Live @https://www.comedyhubpalmy.com/comedyBen Caldwell (Tito)ProPalmerston North/ ManawatuFri/SatMultiple per monthMultiple venuesThe name of the show we takes to towns around the region. No set day/frequency currently.
The Royal Rumblehttps://www.comedyhubpalmy.com/the-royal-rumble-open-mic-nightDylan SatherleyOpen MicPalmerston North/ ManawatuThursdayFortnightlyThe Royal Hotel, Palmerston NorthPaid MC position
Blindsethttps://www.facebook.com/capitalcomedywellington/Julz Burgisser ProWellingtonFridayMonthly, FirstCavern Club
Dank Comedy Showhttps://www.facebook.com/dankcomedyshow/Joel WoodProWellingtonFridayMonthly, ThirdWellingtonbest show wellington comedy awards 2016
Hard Cases https://www.facebook.com/capitalcomedywellington/https://www.facebook.com/capitalcomedywellington/Open MicWellingtonThursdayFortnightlyCavern ClubSign up on the night - sign up at 6.45pm - don't be late!

It’s been a busy few days

With comedy bookings it seems it’s either a feast or a famine. After a bit of a lean patch I’ve been gigging regularly for the last few weeks and have two more gigs coming up this week.

Sunday just been was also the final date for doing “Early bird” registrations for the upcoming Auckland Fringe. My show will be a funny but non-comedy show about the 53 years before I began my transition & publicly appeared as Julia.  I spent hours selecting photos from the last 20 years to make a collage for my publicity image & had my application ready to submit less than an hour before I was due on stage at George. Then I had to had to rush home after the show to email an embarrassing apology for getting the show’s run dates wrong.

I also had a mistake on one version of the show’s publicity image they asked me to fix. As it was a collage image, it was easier to recreate it than fix it.

Website: Events Made Easy and Twitter

OK, the story so far.

I’ve created the site. I’ve installed and done some basic set-up on an event calendar plug-in called Events Made Easy. It seems to do almost everything I’ll need but I haven’t yet tried all those features. I need to change the default style for the next few events in the side bar, but that’s just grunt work and updating myself on the “joys” of css.

I’ve also put a javascript feed of my twitter posts into the sidebar. I don’t do one-liners on stage but do think of a few so I’ve been using Twitter as a way of telling them. Adding the feed has actually put some joke on the site. Yay Me!!!

The template I’ve  got for the site is a bit bland, but that’s going to be easy enough to fix. Either find one I like or see the comments about CSS above.